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Phase 3 EF-16

Mini Bossanova

Phase 3 Squall HP EDF ARF

ST Models DG-1000 EP ARF

Windrider Fox Glider







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EX Cub and EZ Scout

Super fast build time

Perfect "keep in the car" model

Innovative wing attachment system

Fly superbly on as pttle as 80W of power


Electric-planes is a subsidiary of Topmark, a long standing family owned & run retail business, selling quality bikes, windsurfing equipment, kayaks, powerkites and more. We have been established since 1969 so you can rest assured that we would not "scam" anyone.


Credit card details are collected using an SSL secured server for your security. No transaction will take place until the goods are packaged and about to go to the Post Office, (some companies would charge you immediately regardless of whether they had the stock or not!).

Value for money:

Order directly from within the UK and apart from the speedy service, you will avoid paying import costs. Import duty, vat and clearance fees quickly add up!


Imagine you go flying on a Sunday and see one of our planes in action. Obviously you decide you need one. You place your order on the Monday morning, and 9 times out of ten your plane will be on your doorstep on the Tuesday morning. The kits are so quick to build that the following Sunday you'll be flying one too. Most of the so called ARTFs that I have built have taken longer to "assemble" than the kits we sell. Believe it!

The Magpie is an EPS/Depron airplane designed from the ground up as a first trainer. It is easy to build and will withstand the abuse of a beginner pilot. Because of its excellent stability, strength, and ability to fly in wind, the Magpie is a great AP (Aerial Photography) platform.

Also available is the new Magpie AP, a variation that was specifically designed for aerial photography. It has a larger wing and fuz than the SF, and features an integral cam-mount in the fuz. The mount can be adjusted for tilt on the ground, or servo operated in flight. Designed around the affordable EPS400, to handle the extra weight of the camera, but a brushless motor and LiPo battery pack is recommend for lighter weight and better duration. 2 motor mounts are included for either stick or firewall mounting.