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Phase 3 EF-16

Mini Bossanova

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EX Cub and EZ Scout

Super fast build time

Perfect "keep in the car" model

Innovative wing attachment system

Fly superbly on as pttle as 80W of power

The Boomer EX2 is a discus-launchable hand-launch glider (DLG) in a flying wing format. A different approach to the Gambler, but with similar results. It is a very quick-build DLG that is quite aerobatic and capable of slope soaring too. The EPP leading edge makes for a very durable first DLG, and the short span means there's no danger of the tip catching the ground on launch. When the thermals are out, the Boomer makes the most of the smallest of them by being able to turn very tightly, and out climb it's rivals. When they're not, just launch into a quick aerobatic routine of rolls and loops before catching it. The Boomer EX2 never fails to be the centre of attention, and it's performance is good enough to embarras many a more exotic ship when the conditions are right.

Raising the bar...

Laser Engineered Kits™ next generation laser cut model airplane kits where the power and precision of the laser is harnessed to bring you the best build in the industry. Our products feature: Computer drawn plans and a step by step illustrated instruction manual ensure success for beginner and champion model builders alike.

The Panic is an EPS/Depron airplane with excellent 3D capability. It is easy to build and capable of withstanding the abuse it is likely to encounter while flying 3D close to the ground. he Panic was designed to accept any of the small brushless motors available that are in the 100-150watt range. Lithium Polymer batteries are highly recommended. You will need some wing tape, CA, and epoxy the assemble the Panic. It uses two aileron servos so, if you don't have a transmitter that handles two aileron servos, you will also need a Y cable. The tail servos are located near the tail so you will also need two 12" servo extension cables. The servo mounts, control horns, control horn mounting plates, and motor mount are laser cut plywood. We also include a landing gear mount and landing gear legs. If you choose to add landing gear, you will need to supply your own wheels.