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EX Cub and EZ Scout

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Fly superbly on as pttle as 80W of power

Fun facts about electric planes

Over the past few years, scale model planes have become so popular that companies started to mass-produce them. Whether your hobby is to collect electric planes, you want to study them for an upcoming aviation exam, or you are interested in engineering research, they have become widely available and affordable. Electric power has been responsible for the great number of radio-controlled (RC) flying fans all over the world.

Manufactures did not wait long to produce smaller and smaller planes made from lightweight foam, balsa, wood and other traditional materials and with construction techniques borrowed from real-size aircrafts. Some flying models can be found in assembling kits with instructions, which has proved to be very fascinating to the beginners. Among the devotees, many consider that in order to have the whole experience, you should build the model from scratch and not buy them ready to fly (RTF).

There are plenty of persons who are passionate about them and are avid collectors. Given the dramatically improved quality of such devices, the vendors now offer impressive scale foam airplanes, for instance warbirds, which can compete with integral built models by advanced modellers. These days, brands like HobbyZone perfect for new flyers or E-flite for experienced ones are big names in the industry. All your friends and even your London friends will surely be stunned by the big scale North American P-51 Mustang you own.

Since full-size planes are interesting but inaccessible, people collect small electric machines for fun, for interest in the science of flight and because it is exciting to invest in valuable and innovative distractions. Although adorable for their sizes and color designs, everyone loves to use them in the countryside for a competition between friends. It is rather fascinating to be able to keep your feet on the solid ground and enjoy the freedom and leisure of flying of a pilot. You can explore lands and heights and never get tired of it.

For the challengers, there are many international competitions where they can participate. You get to experience the thrill of an authentic racing experience alongside your companion in World Championships, in London. Organized twice a year all around the world, they consist in team race, combat or speed. If you are an ambitious pilot, or a skyward dreamer you can buy your RC products directly from an online store with hassle free.

Fast or slow, fans like to have a little piece of sky for them to explore with the buzzing gadget. Whether you are keen on model design and aerodynamic research, or you wanted to be a pilot ever since you were a child, this type of activity will keep you coming back for more. Because these models are electric-powered and small, it is very practical to maintain them. They imply greater efficiency, less maintenance, relative low cost, little noise and easy handling.

If you loved to make planes out of paper when you were little, than this passion is the right thing for you. For the aviation enthusiasts, there are many types to choose from. You can take it as high as you want and break boundaries and limits. Start with simple electric planes and move on to faster ones for exhilarating times.

Best Device for Penis Length Increase

A brief comparison of the most popular penis enlargement systems on the market


So with many products and systems out there that claim they can guarantee you a larger penis, it’s hard to know where to even start, let alone which one to choose. All of them offer spectacular results in a short amount of time and the sheer amount of choices that are available can leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, in an effort to help you sift through all the noise, we’ve compiled a short list of the three most best-selling and best-reviewed products on the market:

Bathmate Hydromax

The Bathmate Hydromax began its life in the same way as the majority of penis pumps on the market: utilizing air-pressure to create a vacuum around your penis. After placing your penis into the device, you then draw air out of the pump to force blood flow into your penis. This maximizes the extension of your penis and over time, due to the elasticity of the cells in the shaft, is shown to increase the size of your penis.

The developers of the Hydromax have taken this one step further, by using water instead of air. This has been found to not only be more effective, but more comfortable too.


SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement system that works by using the traction principle. Simply put, this states that if your penis is gently stretched for prolonged periods, the cells within it will split. Upon repair, your body creates additional cells, which adds to the amount of tissue and a larger penis. SizeGenetics doesn’t only result in greater length, however, adding additional girth and making you capable of larger erections.

SizeGenetics also has the added distinction of being the strongest traction device on the market and is capable of 2800 grams of tension. Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is another vacuum device, renowned for its ease of use and comfort. This is due to its design which encompasses a suction cap and belt, which is reported to be more comfortable than other suction devices and makes it less prone to slipping out of position.

Like SizeGenetics, the Forte is shown to be affected at treating a curvature of the penis; also known as Peyronie disease.

How to approach a single guy

When it comes to approaching to a single guy, many women are afraid to be too daring or, on the contrary, too shy. It is because many things have changed a lot in recent years, like the role of females in our society. Even though meeting a man is not always easy, with the advices and recommendations provided by fabulous escorts, your prospects for success are absolutely assured.

Dare to expand your social circle to meet single guys

Intelligent escorts will tell you that timing is everything. Being in the right place at the right time is all that you need to have the chance to meet new people, and who knows, to find that special person. Bearing this in mind, head out to those places where the magic occurs like bistros or pubs with the best attendance and the most handsome single men, plus good drinks and nice music.

Once you have in mind the best spots in your town, it is time to choose that outfit that will make you look extraordinary. It is a fact that love enters through the eyes.

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Therefore, you should make the most of your best resources in order to get the attention of those guys that interest you. An experienced lady from the French escort directory will recommend you to wear something simple but super elegant that makes you feel comfortable with yourself and highlights your best attributes.

How to approach to that funny and interesting guy

Approaching a guy involves many factors as any clever escort will tell you. On one hand your appearance and your personal charm, but also the chemistry that emerges between you and that guy that interests you. In order to overcome any challenges so you can achieve your goals, you should learn to improve your art of seduction.

Understanding men is the key to conquering them. You must abandon any cliché and instead make the most of your feminine strategy and intuition.

Once you have located the ideal candidate, experienced escorts will recommend you to be nice and charming. Go to the bathroom and, on the way, make eye contact, and then smile slightly. Do not look back but ask your friends to observe if he follows you with his gaze.

Find a good excuse to get close to where he is. For instance, if he is sitting at the bar, you can ask for a drink at a safe distance, but close enough so that you can approach to him.

Remember to make sure that he does not have a wedding ring on his finger in order to avoid a story with bad karma. Smile as much as possible and maintain a healthy sense of humor as any splendid escort will recommend you. Do not reveal everything from the first encounter since it is important for you to keep some mystery.

Interesting conversations always attract the attention of any guy. While you talk about your hobbies or the places you were able to visit, try to display your most mysterious and seductive side.

In addition, as marvelous escorts will tell you, seduction strongly depends on the physical attraction. Do not underestimate yourself and learn to exploit your most fabulous features. Be a bit provocative but without revealing everything. Men like women who are comfortable with their bodies and who feel confident.